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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
20030127 珍珠粉治疗表浅伤口不愈合29例 郑爱萍,李运海,王秀达 2003,16(1):46-46 11606
20050639 Advanced progress of diagnosis on atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation ZHANG Yan-cai and LI Sheng-hua 2005,18(6):383-384 8628
19920436 少年股骨颈骨折的治疗 旷运义 1992,5(4):36-36 6540
20060631 Treatment of 1 patient with inferior tibiofibular joint separation without ankle joint fracture ZHANG Bo 2006,19(6):376-376 5210
20030434 Conservative treatment on lumbar disc herniation YU Quan and PAN Zhijun 2003,16(4):253-254 4835
20081101 Clinical experience of diagnosis and treatment of pelvic ring trauma XU Rong-ming and LI Ming 2008,21(11):807-809 4681
20010207 Analysis of the Cause of Cauda Equina Injury by Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Protrustion and its Prevention LI Xiang jun,TAN Jun,LI Yi fang 2001,14(2):77-78 4101
20060534 Etiology and its effective factors of adjacent segment degeneration after spinal fusion TONG De-ming,LIAN Ke-jian and LIN-Bin 2006,19(5):318-320 4031
20091222 Surgical treatment of the accessory navicular syndrome with simple excision CHI Lei-ting,LI Cheng,ZHANG Dong,LI Zhi,HUANG Bo,ZHANG Ting-jiu,YU Ming and WANG Ping-xi 2009,22(12):933-934 3800
20020202 The improved method for repairing injury of medial accessory ligament of knee joint LIN Ang ru,HU Ba sheng and GUO Gang. 2002,15(2):68-70 3517
20051036 Study to the standardization of English translation of Chinese manipulation nomenclature LI Jin-xue,SUN Shu-chun,LIU Xiu-qin,CAI Jing-yi and Chenard JR 2005,18(10):632-635 3444
20121008 Characteristics and treatment of traumatic cervical disc herniation MIAO Jing-lei,ZHANG Chao-yue and PENG Zhi 2012,25(10):817-820 3264
20070320 Comparison of block therapy and microtrauma surgery for the treatment of tennis elbow SONG Shi-feng and XIAO Hai-tao 2007,20(3):188-189 3122
20041101 Earlier clinical symptom of ankylosing spondylitis can not be neglected ZHU Tong-bo,YAN Xiao-qiong,WANG Gui-ning and PENG Jia-you 2004,17(11):641-642 3099
20011220 椎动脉与颈交感神经的解剖关系在椎动脉型颈椎病发病学中意义 张军,齐越峰,孙树椿 2001,14(12):737-738 2883
20050520 Diagnosis and clinical value of MRI evaluation on knee injuries HUANG Wen-qi,SHAN Wei and SUN Hua 2005,18(5):294-295 2790
20100311 Experimental study on avascular necrosis of femoral head in chickens induced by different Glucocorticoides XIAO Chun-sheng,LIN Na,LIN Shi-fu,WAN Rong and CHEN Wei-heng 2010,23(3):184-187 2687
20050503 Application of AO classification,Load-sharing and IG grade rules in treatment of unstable thoracolumbar vertebral fractures ZHAI Xiao-jun,CHEN Qi-xin,CHEN Wei-shan and LAN Jun 2005,18(5):263-265 2658
20050509 Biological characteristics of rabbit articular chondrocytes cultured in vitro and effects of Chinese herbal Astragalus membranaceus on them ZHANG Yu-ming and WEI Xiao-chun 2005,18(5):275-277 2590
20011023 尺骨喙突撕脱性骨折误漏诊2例 谭晓毅 2001,14(10):615-615 2586

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