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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of ClickCopy
20030416 Selective decompression of the spinal canal with AF system for the treatment of the thora- columbar fracture CHEN Hongvuei,ZHANG Xifeng,ZHAO Gangsheng,ZHANG Genfu,ZHAO Shengchun,CHEN Xunqi,ZHANG Yongmin,ZHAO Pinyi,WU Yingyong,LOU Shuchang and JIN Guohua 2003,16(4):224-225 47518
20200202 3D printing technology assisted the preoperative planning and application value in adult kyphoscoliosis deformity JIANG Wei-li, NIU Guo-qi, ZHOU Gong, CHEN Hui, LIU Tao, NIE Hu, LIU Lu-tan, LI Chao and ZHOU Qian-kun 2020,33(2):99-105 8612
19880312 中医治疗颈椎病痹阻型80例疗效观察 罗元方 1988,1(3):21-22 8189
20200420 Research of inflammatory factors and signaling pathways in knee osteoarthritis WANG Mi-na, LIU Lu, ZHAO Luo-peng, YUAN Fang, FU Yuan-bo, XU Xiao-bai, LI Bin 2020,33(4):388-392 7515
20200711 Experimental study of individualized 3D printing-guided template combined with thoracolumbar pedicle screw placement for the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis LI Chao, NIU Guo-qi, JIANG Wei-li, CHEN Hui, LIU Lu-tan, ZHOU Qian-kun, CHENG Jia-wei 2020,33(7):649-654 5963
20110524 Analysis of therapeutic methods and effects for talar fractures WEI Geng-sheng and JIANG Yi 2011,24(5):434-435 5934
20101201 Pay attention to early diagnosis and treatment of knee osteoarthritis ZHU Zhen-an 2010,23(12):887-889 5861
19920215 腰大肌损伤的诊断与治疗 杨振中 1992,5(2):20-20 5775
19870120 腰腿痛的中医辨证治疗 王惠 1987,0(1):54-56 5734
20000308 Experimental Study of the Effects of Stimulating Cervical Sympathetic Ganglia and Vertebral Artery of the rabbits on Blood Pressure HE Jun min,CHEN Zhong he,WEI Gui kang 2000,13(3):144-146 5640
20030434 Conservative treatment on lumbar disc herniation YU Quan and PAN Zhijun 2003,16(4):253-254 5528
20110103 Analysis on effect of different bone graft fusion operations for lumbar spondylolisthesis CHEN Wei,WANG Bing,ZHONG Hua and LV Guo-hua 2011,24(1):11-13 5476
19870101 发展具有中国特色的新医学 尚天裕 1987,0(1):2-9 5427
19960561 腰椎间盘神经支配的临床解剖学研究 张世民,蒋位庄,张丰田,黄文起 1996,9(5):60-62 5353
20130717 Treatment of comminuted fracture of tibial plateau with Ni-Ti shape memory alloy bow-teeth screws combined with locking plate internal fixation WANG Yan-xiang,ZHANG Yun-tong,TANG Yang,ZHAO Xue,FU Qing-ge,ZHANG Xin and ZHANG Chun-cai 2013,26(7):601-604 5323
20090907 Controlled clinical trials on the treatment and prevention of shoulder and back fasciitis using horizontal bar exercises LIU Bao-xin,XU Min,HUANG Cheng-jun,TANG Fu-yu,LOU Yu-ming,LIANG Zhu,LIANG Wei-bin,WAGN Ji and LIANG Dong-bo 2009,22(9):662-664 5298
20110102 Systematic review of posterior short-segment pedicle screws fixation with or without fusion for thoracolumbar burst fractures LI Xiang,WANG Yi-peng,QIU Gui-xing and ZHAO Yu 2011,24(1):5-10 5228
19890315 双圈三角巾悬吊固定法治疗锁骨骨折200例临床体会 李润德,李建忠 1989,2(3):22-22 5222
19930526 刮痧、拔罐治疗腰椎骨质增生 周世杰 1993,6(5):36-36 5221
19880218 枕下肌群综合征(附48例分析) 周德胜,陈纬绮,沈怀卿 1988,1(2):28-28 5152

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